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The working sweepstakes on the right was created with Awesome Forms. Follow the directions below to create a similar form for your own website in minutes!

By the way, you will want to enter the sweepstakes on the right, because each month we are giving away a $10 Amazon gift card! Don't worry about filling out the mailing address fields; those are just there for demonstration.

Follow the steps below to build your sweepstakes

Step 1: Sign up for a free 30-day trial

If you haven't already signed up, sign up for your free 30-day trial of Awesome Forms. You can cancel at any time free of charge during your trial.

Step 2: Create your form

Once you're logged in, click "Create a Form". Start creating your form by dragging fields from the left column into your form in the right column.

For example, in a sweepstakes, you will probably want each entrant's email address so you can contact the winner once they're chosen. To do this, drag a text field from the left column into your form, edit the name of the field, make sure it's required, and also check "Require formatting" to ensure that customers enter valid email addresses.

Once you're satisfied, click "Save Form" to continue.

Create form screenshot

Step 3: Edit your settings

Once you save your form, you'll be on the settings page. You will probably want to at least give your form a memorable name to distinguish it from other forms you create in the future. You can also change the submit button to say something less generic.

Another way to enhance your form is a custom redirect. By default, we present a simple thank you to customers who submit your form. However, you can choose to redirect them to a custom thank you page on your website for a more branded experience.

Form settings screenshot

Step 4: Embed or share your form

The last step is to embed your form. Click the "Embed Code" tab. Here you have instructions for two ways to use your form. You can either embed it into your website, or share it using a URL.

For your sweepstakes, you'll probably want to embed it into your site. Just copy and paste the embed code in this tab into your HTML where you want the form to appear.

That's it! You now have a working sweepstakes for your website!

Embed form screenshot

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